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West Vancouver, BC

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The Municipality of West Vancouver, once a part of the District of North Vancouver separated in 1912. Formerly only accessible by water the Lions Gate Bridge opened up the area for growth with the earliest homes dating back to the 1920s and 30s. There was a large growth in the 1970s and 80s with a current population of around 42,000.

West Vancouver is populated with many retired; work at home folks or those commuting to downtown Vancouver. Park Royal Shopping Centre opened in the 1950s and is home to a couple of department stores, large and small retailers, and is Canada’s first shopping mall. There are many amenities such as a commercial district, shops, small offices, restaurants, banks and gas stations.

The 2010 Winter Olympics were held in Cypress Provincial Park which is within West Vancouver’s boundaries. There are mountain biking trails and a large ski and snowboard facility. West Vancouver has several public recreation areas which include a golf course, a pool, ice rink, tennis and basketball courts, and several public parks.

The Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal located within West Vancouver connects points between the BC mainland and Vancouver Island.